Three Links to Think On

Christians Can Vote For Trump… Key Quote: “Christians of sincere faith come to different conclusions about health care, LGBT rights, taxes and immigration. Some Christians oppose all war, and cite scripture to back up their position. Others believe war is sometimes justified — and they, too, support their stance with scripture. There are some things, though, that aContinue reading “Three Links to Think On”

Three Links to Think On

Rewriting Earth’s Creation Story Key Quote: “There is absolutely not a single scrap of observational evidence that requires that scenario ever took place. We as a scientific community created an origin myth that has no more intellectual value than 1 Genesis,” Harrison says. “Although we’re very quick to criticize those that operate on faith, that’s exactlyContinue reading “Three Links to Think On”

Three Links to Think On

What Today’s Christians Need to Know About Living in a Pagan World Key Quote: “In today’s climate, Christians have to restore Christ’s message of love and joy—not just talking about it, but living it every day. That does not mean accommodating ourselves to the pagan world, but witnessing for Jesus within that world. We don’tContinue reading “Three Links to Think On”

3 Links to Think On: August 15th

Is the Church Good for Society? – Dean Inserra reflects on research indicating that fewer Americans think the church is improving society. Challenging and hopefully catalytic. 5 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing – Included in the list: Stop being so weird online. Stop handling conflict so poorly. He addresses it to the church, but it’s goodContinue reading “3 Links to Think On: August 15th”

3 Links to Think On

So, as I make my occasional forays around the wild and wonderful Internet land, I often come across articles that make me think. Enjoy! Stop Renting Your Church Home – Church membership is old hat, church attendance is declining. Aaron Earls at Facts & Trends examines the difference between “renting” and “buying”a church home. Can WeContinue reading “3 Links to Think On”