3 Links to Think On: August 15th

forward-thinking-bannerIs the Church Good for Society? – Dean Inserra reflects on research indicating that fewer Americans think the church is improving society. Challenging and hopefully catalytic.

5 Things Christians Need to Stop Doing – Included in the list: Stop being so weird online. Stop handling conflict so poorly. He addresses it to the church, but it’s good for personal reflection (at least it was for me:)

Is There a Difference Between Preaching and Teaching? – This is a bit more niche, but Zach Hoag explains the difference between preaching and teaching in a church-centric fashion. Good stuff here!

Bonus: Worship Band Sliced to Pieces – If you aren’t familiar with the Babylon Bee, you should be. It’s Christian satire site (so don’t take it too seriously) but there’s always a good laugh to be had!

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