Social Media Is Eating You Alive (You Should Probably Do Something About That)

A cow ambling into a slaughterhouse doesn’t know it’s about to be killed, cut-up, wrapped up, and shipped across the country to end up as dinner. It thinks it’s taking a walk. It doesn’t know that it’s a product. Stupid cow. When you signed up for your FREE social media account, you didn’t know thatContinue reading “Social Media Is Eating You Alive (You Should Probably Do Something About That)”

7 Reasons Churches Shouldn’t Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month

As far as months go, October really stands out. Fall colors in the trees, lots of crisp mornings and clear nights, the sudden availability of pumpkin spice-flavored everything, and more. Unfortunately, it’s also Pastor Appreciation Month. It may seem strange that I, a pastor, would lament that this month has been unofficially but nonetheless nationally recognizedContinue reading “7 Reasons Churches Shouldn’t Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month”

King Jesus and the American Dream

Eliciting much sympathy for the American church is hard. It seems we have been blessed with more widespread freedom, leisure, and resources than any other geopolitically-defined group in Christian history. While brothers and sisters in Christ starve physically and endure persecution socially in places like North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, and others, we sit, seemingly fatContinue reading “King Jesus and the American Dream”

Donald Trump, a Script-writing Homunculus, and Me

In a lunch-induced fog one afternoon, I was fully immersed in my typical productivity-avoidance routine: scrolling through Twitter, not for the snark and fire icons, but for links to stories that, while not pertinent to my day job, can nonetheless fire my imagination up for an afternoon run back to it. It was in theContinue reading “Donald Trump, a Script-writing Homunculus, and Me”

Evangelism Shouldn’t Be Hard: It’s Just Telling People Good News

Evangelism. The mere word seems to send otherwise mature Christians running for the hills. Potluck. “You know I’m in.” Worship. “I hope we sing 10,000 Reasons again.” But, “evangelism?” “Uh, I’ve got something else going on.” What is it about this word? “Evangelism” is a Christianese word, but it shouldn’t be scary. When the NewContinue reading “Evangelism Shouldn’t Be Hard: It’s Just Telling People Good News”

Stop Treating Church Like The Olympics!

Ahh, the Olympics! That great quadrennial celebration of dedication, fortitude, drama, and patriotism! I love the Olympics. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to watch them this year. I did, however, get to have a conversation last night, though, that got me all caught up on what’s been going on. But it also gotContinue reading “Stop Treating Church Like The Olympics!”

Waiting For God’s Man

“It doesn’t take long for everything to go wrong.” You could be forgiven if that is your initial thought when reading the Bible and starting in Genesis. It is a thousand-page book and everything is broken by page three. It was off to such a good start, too. Genesis 1: God creates everything and everythingContinue reading “Waiting For God’s Man”