Once Saved, Always Saved?

A common phrase in Christian circles is “once saved, always saved.” Many hold it, many reject it, but a lot of people have questions about it. Here are a few brief thoughts I recently shared with someone who asked me about it: The Bible speaks clearly to the nature of salvation: 1) It’s a work […]

Obadiah: The Danger Of Indifference

Indifference. It seems to be a perennial problem. Obadiah dealt with it. Obadiah was a prophet. His book is the shortest in the Old Testament. If you can quote a verse from it without looking it up, you’ll have earned my undying respect. We just don’t seem to pay much attention to Obadiah. I think […]

If God Is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

If God is good, why do bad things happen? The question is not new. People have asked it for centuries. It shows up in historical, philosophical, and religious texts. One of the places it appears is in Psalm 10. Most think that David is the author of Psalm 10. Assuming that, what David is doing […]

#Blessed: Let’s Make It More Than A Hashtag

  #Blessed? This hastag shows up on all our social media feeds, generally in reference to a new job, new car, or new haircut. Really? We can do better than that. Psalm 1, and indeed all of God’s Word, can shed some light on what “blessed” really means. Blessed is the man     who walks not […]