3 Links to Think On


So, as I make my occasional forays around the wild and wonderful Internet land, I often come across articles that make me think. Enjoy!

Stop Renting Your Church Home – Church membership is old hat, church attendance is declining. Aaron Earls at Facts & Trends examines the difference between “renting” and “buying”a church home.

Can We Hope Again? – Trevin Wax advocates a distinctly Christian alternative to the distraction and distress our current situation often engenders: hope.

2016 Political Rhetoric – I value words. I love words. I believe that words matter. I’ve expressed before that I am both #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, so this isn’t an endorsement or a new denouncement, but a fascinating look at the rhetorical tendencies of our major party political candidates, especially as they relate to evangelical Christian voters.

Bonus: Being a Lifeguard For the Best Swimmers In the World is Boring

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