Three Links to Think On

forward-thinking-bannerChristians Can Vote For Trump…

Key Quote: “Christians of sincere faith come to different conclusions about health care, LGBT rights, taxes and immigration. Some Christians oppose all war, and cite scripture to back up their position. Others believe war is sometimes justified — and they, too, support their stance with scripture. There are some things, though, that a Christian can’t support: torture, greed and blatant immorality.”

Is There Such a Thing as Church Authority?

Key Quote: “In our day and age, it’s at least mildly controversial to say the local church isn’t just a voluntary association of Christians, or a resource center for your Christian life, or a means of fellowship that you’re free to take advantage of if you want. It’s probably equally controversial to say that, in fact, the local church plays a unique and vital role in God’s work of redemption because it is the embassy of the kingdom of heaven in this dark and fallen world.”

The State of Theology in America

Key Quote: “Exactly half (50 percent) agree that the Bible has the authority to tell us what we must do.”

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