Discipleship: Evaluation

Any process will be more effective if it is evaluated. This proposal can be evaluated on an individual and church wide level following implementation using the following checklist/visual or a variation thereof. Continue reading “Discipleship: Evaluation”

Pitfalls in Leadership

Once we understand what leadership is, we quickly recognize that there are many ways to mess it up!

If leadership is understanding what is and moving it towards what ought to be…

…what happens when we miss a step? Continue reading “Pitfalls in Leadership”

Nehemiah: A Leadership Case Study

The Old Testament book of Nehemiah provides some great material for a leadership case study. It’s not primarily a leadership manual, don’t get me wrong; Nehemiah is about God and His people first and foremost. Nonetheless, let me encourage you to read it again with the following outline in mind: Continue reading “Nehemiah: A Leadership Case Study”

Sermon: The Resurrection Changes Everything

The Resurrection Changes Everything: An Easter sermon from Philippians 3 that details how the resurrection validates the Gospel and changes our lives when we believe it.

Sermon – Your God Is Too Small

Your God Is Too Small: A sermon from Hebrews 12 considering the relationship between God’s wrath and His mercy and our walk of faith.