10 Reasons to Attend Church this Easter

10 Reasons to Attend church On Easter Sunday

  1. Jesus rose from the dead.
  2. Jesus’ grave is empty.
  3. Jesus is alive at the right hand of the Father.
  4. Jesus died but didn’t stay that way.
  5. Jesus won the victory over the last enemy.
  6. Jesus’ heart stopped beating but it started again three days later.
  7. Jesus’ body didn’t decay because God raised him up.
  8. Jesus can’t die again because the first time didn’t keep.
  9. Jesus vacated the tomb because he wasn’t using it anymore.
  10. Jesus isn’t dead, he’s alive!

(Yes, all ten reasons are the same because if we recognize the truth of that one reason we don’t need anything else to motivate us to gather with others who believe the same and declare our joy in God’s mighty grace, on Easter Sunday or any Sunday!)