Keep the Sabbath?

The concept of Sabbath rest is arguably a major theme throughout Scripture, particularly the Old Testament. There is a rich imagery associated with this concept underlying much of the New Testament as well. Understanding the critical role that the idea of Sabbath rest played in the Old Testament  is important if we are going to […]

When the Church Counts

There is a great deal of angsting going on right now in the evangelical church. You can see it in our social media bubble, read it in our blog posts, and hear it in our Sunday morning conversations. This angst seems to have its genesis from several factors: In case you haven’t heard, there’s an […]

Three Links to Think On

Christians Can Vote For Trump… Key Quote: “Christians of sincere faith come to different conclusions about health care, LGBT rights, taxes and immigration. Some Christians oppose all war, and cite scripture to back up their position. Others believe war is sometimes justified — and they, too, support their stance with scripture. There are some things, though, that a […]

The “Church”

Simply put: The church is not a “why” The church is not a “what” The church is not a “how” The church is not a “when” The church is not a “where” The church is a “who” The “who” (Christians) meet at different “wheres” (address, location, etc.) at different “whens” (times, days, etc.) with different […]