Grasses their heads wave in victory cheer

Streams murmur of You, The One without peer

Mountains white-crested their orisons raise

Daisies bright humbly Your attributes praise

Lofty pines still You more lofty declare

Canyons all echo yet still add their share

Wind rushes swiftly to fall at Your feet

Clouds grace its worship, in chorus they meet

Waves toss thanksgiving upon echoing shore

Sands their vast numbers great praises do store

Far reaches of space limitless glory sing

Planets in dance precious offerings bring

The whole world in praises devotes its time

The universe thought-songs to heaven climb

The voices are swelling, repeating the same

Rising crescendo declaring Your Name


With such excellent choir O man, rise!

Join with creation, lifting up your eyes

On bent knee before His glorious light fall

Praise God the mighty, enthroned in His Hall