Discipleship: Expand

After a member begins serving at the church, there is still one step they need to take.  We want and desire service to the body of the church, but we want and desire for the kingdom to EXPAND.  Members need to understand their responsibility to take the gospel in both verbal and active forms to the community, country, and world.  Again, the church will need to provide venues for members to take the gospel out, but at this point in the development, it is also logical to assume that members will begin taking initiative in outreach and evangelism.  The church can provide visitation involvement, missions opportunities, and evangelism training.  The member can take initiative to share the gospel with their neighbors, start a Bible study in their homes, or participate with convention or association outreaches.  All small group leaders, deacons, and staff can encourage and report progress in this regard.  The EXPAND step is also the place where a member may identify a ministry they would like to start and begin taking action on that desire.  The primary contact points for this new ministry formation will be the staff members.  Staff members can also identify those members who have either potential or desire for further ministry involvement and begin nurturing that in them.  Mission trips and projects will be a fundamental “first step” for those who desire more kingdom-focused ministry.


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