Pitfalls in Leadership

Once we understand what leadership is, we quickly recognize that there are many ways to mess it up!

If leadership is understanding what is and moving it towards what ought to be…

…what happens when we miss a step?

Just Understanding “What Is”:

So What Leadership

  • Thank you Captain Obvious! There is no hope or progress if this is all that we have.


Just Knowing “What Ought To Be”: Demoralizing

How Leadership

  • Ivory Tower: No progress and depressing to know what ought to be without understanding what is or how to move

Just “Moving”: Pointless

Where Leadership

  • Can go in any direction. No set standards, no set group, just meaningless movement.

“Movement” and “What Ought to Be”:

Alienating Leadership

  • Breeds pride and destroys relationships because there is no knowledge or love for the people

“What Is” and “What Ought to Be”:

Frustrating Leadership

  • No vision for movement, no ability to instruct, no way to get there from here.

“What Is” and “Movement”:

Directionless Leadership

  • Constantly switching directions, lots ends up happening with no purpose or intention.

We have to put it all together:

Understanding Leadership

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