3 Links to Think On

So, as I make my occasional forays around the wild and wonderful Internet land, I often come across articles that make me think. Enjoy! Stop Renting Your Church Home – Church membership is old hat, church attendance is declining. Aaron Earls at Facts & Trends examines the difference between “renting” and “buying”a church home. Can WeContinue reading “3 Links to Think On”

7 Reasons for Christian Confidence (No Matter Who Wins the 2016 Election)

One of the most unfortunate byproducts of the debacle that is America’s 2016 is the hand-wringing epidemic that has swept through Christian circles. This condition seems to have several sources, but a particularly significant one is the political situation. Evangelicals are being asked to choose between a lying, manipulative, untrustworthy nominee on one side and a lying, manipulative, untrustworthy candidateContinue reading “7 Reasons for Christian Confidence (No Matter Who Wins the 2016 Election)”

A Working Title…

 I have always wanted to write a book. But, as someone who has the patience of a two-year old combined with a Monkish level of perfectionism, that’s proven difficult. But I am learning. One of the most important things I’m learning is that perfection requires patience. If I’m going to attain the mythic heights of perfection,Continue reading “A Working Title…”

Responding to Injustice

Washington DC. Lies and injustice. Minnesota and Baton Rouge. Ignorance and injustice. Dallas. Terrorism and injustice. In addition to the travesty of a public election process that we have been subjected to, we were reminded again last week that we are not as civilized as we think. The difference between living in a Third WorldContinue reading “Responding to Injustice”

Three Critical Elements of Fellowship

A first-century believer suddenly dropped into a modern church wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. That’s my hypothesis anyway, based on 10 years of ministry experience and focused reading of the New Testament. I believe one of the most evident points of confusion for that first-century Christ-follower would be the contrast between theContinue reading “Three Critical Elements of Fellowship”

Outreach and Evangelism Strategy

This PowerPoint presentation has the outline of an evangelism initiative that we launched at my previous church. We simply asked for Sunday School class members to commit to various levels of evangelistic engagement: praying for the lost, inviting them to church, and sharing the gospel with them. Outreach and Evangelism Vision

Discipleship Process

The perennial problem for almost every church is the revolving back door. This problem stems in large part from a failure to establish a clear discipleship process. The goal of the church ought to be not only to share the gospel and see conversions but also to make disciples of those whose lives are impacted byContinue reading “Discipleship Process”

Discipleship: Encounter

The initial stage of this process is a personal ENCOUNTER with Jesus and a salvation decision. This step is essential for not just the eternal security of the individual, but also for the long-term health of the church. We need people who have submitted themselves to Jesus as Lord as a part of the localContinue reading “Discipleship: Encounter”

Discipleship: Engage

After a person has joined the church, the next step in the process is for them to ENGAGE through small groups and discipleship. Small groups are an important element in disciple-making and need to be a central element to the assimilation of new members.  The new member in a church can feel lost in theContinue reading “Discipleship: Engage”

Discipleship: Encourage

This step, ENCOURAGE, is the make or break moment for the maturity of the member.  Many members are content to sit back and let the professionals, i.e. paid staff, do the work of ministry.  However, that is not a biblical understanding of the Christian’s responsibility to the church.  A member who engages through a smallContinue reading “Discipleship: Encourage”