Two Paths To Success (And Why Accountability Makes All The Difference)

I want to tell you about the two paths to success. But, first, let me make a wild guess: you made one or more New Year’s resolutions. You may have made them intentionally, writing them down, framing them, and hanging them where you’d see them every day. Perhaps you’re not that serious. You just cobbledContinue reading “Two Paths To Success (And Why Accountability Makes All The Difference)”

Waiting For God’s Man

“It doesn’t take long for everything to go wrong.” You could be forgiven if that is your initial thought when reading the Bible and starting in Genesis. It is a thousand-page book and everything is broken by page three. It was off to such a good start, too. Genesis 1: God creates everything and everythingContinue reading “Waiting For God’s Man”

Five Fiancés, One Bride, And A Wedding

… “Why do you even let people see you with that drunken whore!” The exclamation burst from taut lips with an explosive, yet strangely precise, force: like a demolition charge carefully placed to produce exactly the intended destruction and no more. The eyes above the lips flashed intensely in the harsh white light of theContinue reading “Five Fiancés, One Bride, And A Wedding”

Some (More) Unsolicited Advice This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. A day dedicated to two quintessentially American things: football and overeating. Oh, and being thankful. More on that in a moment. Thanksgiving is also the time wherein the nuts from every limb of the family tree can come together for calm, rational, even enlightened conversation on non-controversial topics like politics, religion, and the NFL.Continue reading “Some (More) Unsolicited Advice This Thanksgiving”

Getting Jesus Right: The Key To Everything

I want to tell you a story of a man who was crucified. He was crucified some time in the first century A.D. He was probably in his late twenty’s when he died. He was most likely a convicted political agitator: he was somebody Rome saw as a threat and so they crucified him forContinue reading “Getting Jesus Right: The Key To Everything”

Relationships Can Change The World: The Letter To Philemon

What does the Gospel of Jesus Christ have to say about your relationships with other people? That’s an important question, but don’t answer it just yet. Answer this one first: Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ primarily about going to heaven when you die, or is it about having every aspect of your life, bothContinue reading “Relationships Can Change The World: The Letter To Philemon”

What Is The Gospel?

“Gospel” is simply a word that means “good news” but many people use it as shorthand for the central message of Christianity. Usually then, “gospel” refers to the good news about Christ and his Kingdom. So what’s the good news about Christ and his Kingdom? To understand that good news, we have to understand itsContinue reading “What Is The Gospel?”

Obadiah: The Danger Of Indifference

Indifference. It seems to be a perennial problem. Obadiah dealt with it. Obadiah was a prophet. His book is the shortest in the Old Testament. If you can quote a verse from it without looking it up, you’ll have earned my undying respect. We just don’t seem to pay much attention to Obadiah. I thinkContinue reading “Obadiah: The Danger Of Indifference”

If God Is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

If God is good, why do bad things happen? The question is not new. People have asked it for centuries. It shows up in historical, philosophical, and religious texts. One of the places it appears is in Psalm 10. Most think that David is the author of Psalm 10. Assuming that, what David is doingContinue reading “If God Is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?”