It’s All About Him: How Every Book Of The Bible Points Us To Jesus

One of my favorite Bible verses is Luke 24:27 “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” (ESV) I love it because it reminds me that the reason for the Bible, all of it, is to point people to Jesus. It’s very easy to getContinue reading “It’s All About Him: How Every Book Of The Bible Points Us To Jesus”

Evangelism Shouldn’t Be Hard: It’s Just Telling People Good News

Evangelism. The mere word seems to send otherwise mature Christians running for the hills. Potluck. “You know I’m in.” Worship. “I hope we sing 10,000 Reasons again.” But, “evangelism?” “Uh, I’ve got something else going on.” What is it about this word? “Evangelism” is a Christianese word, but it shouldn’t be scary. When the NewContinue reading “Evangelism Shouldn’t Be Hard: It’s Just Telling People Good News”

5 Tools For Fighting Sin & 50 Ways To Use Them

Fighting Sin Admit it: you’re a sinner. So am I. In fact, the Bible says that we’re all sinners. That’s why we need Jesus. Because we can’t seem to get out of our own way when it comes to sin. We’re like the dog in Proverbs, repeatedly sticking our noses back into the putrid resultsContinue reading “5 Tools For Fighting Sin & 50 Ways To Use Them”

Even The Dog Knows: Five Ways To Beat Your Phone Addiction

Was it this one? Or this one? Or this one? What about this one? Maybe this one? Or it might have been this one? I don’t know which article first made me aware of my phone addiction, but I’ll tell you what really brought it home: my kids. It wasn’t that they had to keepContinue reading “Even The Dog Knows: Five Ways To Beat Your Phone Addiction”

Eschatology And Evangelism: Closer Than You Think

Ok, your first thought at seeing that title might be, “what is eschatology?” Basically, it’s just a fancy Christian word for “the study of the end times.” And, confession time, for most of my Christian life, I hated eschatology. As a pastor, I feel bad for saying that. Maybe I should rather say that IContinue reading “Eschatology And Evangelism: Closer Than You Think”

Stop Treating Church Like The Olympics!

Ahh, the Olympics! That great quadrennial celebration of dedication, fortitude, drama, and patriotism! I love the Olympics. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to watch them this year. I did, however, get to have a conversation last night, though, that got me all caught up on what’s been going on. But it also gotContinue reading “Stop Treating Church Like The Olympics!”

Checking Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re like most people, they didn’t last long. Most people fail in their resolutions. So, don’t feel too bad. After all, you can save paper by just making the same resolutions next year! My dad shared a quote with me recently that I think he found onContinue reading “Checking Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions”

Three Questions That Will Change Your Life

The title looks like clickbait, but it’s not. Seriously. These three questions will change your life (if you let them): What is the most important time? Who is the most important person? What is the most important thing to do? Those questions, and how you answer them, will go a significant way towards determining theContinue reading “Three Questions That Will Change Your Life”