A New Home for “Of Shepherds and Sheep”

I guess a New Year called for a new home for Of Shepherds and Sheep, so I am moving this blog to Substack. WordPress has been great, but as I have used it in fits and starts over the past eight years, I have often been frustrated by the maintenance “behind the scenes.” I am finally ready to admit that I am an incompetent web designer and am more than willing to focus on the part of this I enjoy the most: writing. Substack is purpose-built to minimize the required inputs on the design side of things and prioritize the communication act. It also has the benefit of a much cleaner subscription option for those who prefer to receive new posts via email. Additionally, Substack will allow me to add videos and podcasts in the future, all in one place. Over the next several months, I will be figuring out a new writing schedule and how to redirect everything to Substack. I believe your subscription will carry over if you currently subscribe to this site but please consider subscribing at the new digs if you don’t already (or if I botch the changeover). Thanks!