Sweet Baby Jesus Isn’t Enough: The (Complete) Christmas Story

At Christmas, our vision tends to narrow. We shift our focus from world events to our local community. We shift our focus from the worries of work to our family circle. And, in the church, we tend to shift our focus from the whole, immense Bible to a couple short chapters in Matthew, Luke, andContinue reading “Sweet Baby Jesus Isn’t Enough: The (Complete) Christmas Story”

3 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

About two weeks ago it started happening. First one, then another, then a flood. Article after article, listicle after listicle, all written to “keep Christ in Christmas.” Christian leaders, click-baitey bloggers, and Facebook aficionados all lamenting the paganization of the Christmas season. Seven Scriptures to Read at Christmas Five Gifts that Remind Your Kids aboutContinue reading “3 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas”

Matthew 18: Humility, Forgiveness, and the Church

Jesus spent a lot of his time on earth highlighting the differences between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdoms of the earth. In Matthew 17 & 18, Jesus gives us a foretaste, a glimpse of what the kingdom of heaven will look like after he ascends and the Holy Spirit comes. In other words,Continue reading “Matthew 18: Humility, Forgiveness, and the Church”

7 Key Practices of a Sending Church

The list of those who have left home and hearth to represent Christ away from the land of their birth is long: William Carey, Adoniram Judson, Lottie Moon, and many others. The places that they served are etched in the evangelical memory as well: India, Burma, China, and all others. The tradition is a greatContinue reading “7 Key Practices of a Sending Church”