The Unpardonable Sin & Family Identity

Apparently, tracing family history is a big thing in my new home state of Utah. But it’s not a new phenomenon to me: my great-aunt was into lineage study and her work is legendary in our family, though not necessarily in the way she would have wanted. See, she traced our family line back toContinue reading “The Unpardonable Sin & Family Identity”

Keep the Sabbath?

The concept of Sabbath rest is arguably a major theme throughout Scripture, particularly the Old Testament. There is a rich imagery associated with this concept underlying much of the New Testament as well. Understanding the critical role that the idea of Sabbath rest played in the Old Testament  is important if we are going toContinue reading “Keep the Sabbath?”

Doubt, Faith, and the Christian Life

At some point, we need to have an honest conversation about the Gospel. Yes, the all-encompassing truth that the God of the Universe is actively working to redeem all of Creation and remaking it as the Kingdom of Heaven under his sovereign rule. The good news that he invites us to join him in thatContinue reading “Doubt, Faith, and the Christian Life”

The 2016 Election, Trump, and Conservative Christians

No election in recent memory can hold a candle to this one for sheer spectacle. And that’s not a good thing. In Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the two major parties in American politics have given the American people a choice between the two most singularly unfit and disliked candidates in history. As an AmericanContinue reading “The 2016 Election, Trump, and Conservative Christians”

See, Pray, Go: Embracing Jesus’ Mission

One of the unavoidable conclusions drawn by anyone who reads the word of God and then looks at the world is that there is a vast gap between what we read and what we see. The ideals with which God imbued creation are everyday trampled on and ignored, inside the church doors and outside ofContinue reading “See, Pray, Go: Embracing Jesus’ Mission”

Three Links to Think On

Christians Can Vote For Trump… Key Quote: “Christians of sincere faith come to different conclusions about health care, LGBT rights, taxes and immigration. Some Christians oppose all war, and cite scripture to back up their position. Others believe war is sometimes justified — and they, too, support their stance with scripture. There are some things, though, that aContinue reading “Three Links to Think On”