The “Church”

Simply put:

The church is not a “why”

The church is not a “what”

The church is not a “how”

The church is not a “when”

The church is not a “where”

The church is a “who”

The “who” (Christians)

meet at different “wheres” (address, location, etc.)

at different “whens” (times, days, etc.)

with different “hows” (own space/rented space/public space, coffee/no coffee, etc.)

to do different “whats” (sing, pray, teach, etc.)

because of the “why” (God’s glory).

“Who” and “Why” are settled. The rest are flexible.

Three Links to Think On


Rewriting Earth’s Creation Story

Key Quote: “There is absolutely not a single scrap of observational evidence that requires that scenario ever took place. We as a scientific community created an origin myth that has no more intellectual value than 1 Genesis,” Harrison says. “Although we’re very quick to criticize those that operate on faith, that’s exactly what we did.”

For The Bible Tells Me So?

Key Quote: “In the end, we simply have no place to go other than the Bible as God’s authoritative revelation. Christ, not the Bible, is the foundation of our faith — but our only authoritative and infallible source of knowledge about Christ is the Bible.”

Public Faith

Key Quote: “In the midst of another divisive election and a political culture that thrives off of conflict, many Christians and other Americans are tempted to check out and claim the posture of a conscientious objector or to dig in for even greater political hostilities. We believe that neither political withdrawal nor reinvigorated culture wars by Christians will help our nation and communities through the difficult challenges we face. Instead, we seek to offer a different voice: confident and hopeful, equally full of conviction and grace. As Christians, we believe that our faith has something essential to contribute in this moment.”


Three Links to Think On


What Today’s Christians Need to Know About Living in a Pagan World

Key Quote: “In today’s climate, Christians have to restore Christ’s message of love and joy—not just talking about it, but living it every day. That does not mean accommodating ourselves to the pagan world, but witnessing for Jesus within that world. We don’t win over pagans by diluting our faith, but by living it out.”

Coffee: The Beverage that Fuels the Church

Key Quote: “The meaning of the ritual of coffee in the Western church exists only in iterations: Individual communities of believers define it according to their own purposes, needs, and beliefs. For some of those believers, coffee is a simple accommodation offered to friends and strangers alike. For others, it is a means of fellowship under the sign of the age. Still others see potential in it for meaningful engagement with some of the social injustices of our time. The resulting collage of activity renders a definite image when viewed from a height: The picture is of the church performing its mundane acts of transfiguration on everything that it touches and gathers to itself—even coffee.”

6 Tips for Making it Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere

Key Quote: “Rather than ask, ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ ask, ‘In what way do I wish the world were different? What problem can I help solve?’ This puts the focus where it should be — on how you can serve other people.”